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  1. Anonymous

    hello i having a trouble consulting the forecast, apparently this line is not working properly:

    <pv:geometry xsi:type="pv:GeometryOneAxisHorizontalNS" rotationLimitEast="-90" rotationLimitWest="90" backTracking="true" axisDeviation="0"/>

    I get the following message:

    {"message":" u'geometry.axisDeviation'"}

    But the concult of the forecast do work when I use another geometry that does not take in consideration axisDeviation, such as:

    <pv:geometry xsi:type="pv:GeometryTwoAxisAstronomical" rotationLimitEast="-180" rotationLimitWest="180" tiltLimitMin="10" tiltLimitMax="60" backTracking="true"/>

    For that reason I think that there must be a bug while using axisDeviation.

    This matter is extremely urgent to me, could you please help me with that. my email is

  2. Hi David, it should be fine now.

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