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Map of NWP forecast coverage:

  • violet or pink regions: high resolution, higher reliability forecast data is available in the orange violet/pink regions marked on the map. Upon request, we can start this kind of forecasting service for any other area. Source: IFS model from ECMWF, UK. Frequency of the update is once in 12 6 hours, forecasting today + 3 days ahead (4 days in total). The rest of days (up to 7 days ahead) is covered by GFS model. The light violet Original temporal resolution for the first 48 hours is 1 hour,  hours 48-84 are provided in 3 hourly resolution, however in final response this can be interpolated to finer resolution. The pink regions are our latest IFS additions.
  • the rest of the map in white color: lower resolution forecast data is available globally. Source: GFS model from NOAA, USA is available globally with forecasting up to 7 days ahead (today + 7 days = 8 days in total). Frequency of the update is once in 6 hours.