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Table of Contents

Testing Web services

Demo account

Demo account is intended for trying technical aspects of our WS API without the necessity for you to have your own WS API key.
It provides full data access to single DEMO microregion (10x10 km) around following location:,20.827079&z=11

he demo key can be used for making WS API calls for both of our service types: DataDelivery + PvPlanner and also for REST + SOAP access.


You can use our WS API demo credentials to code and test your own implementation of WS API calls. If you also want to test quality of our data, please ask our Solargis sales representatives for free trial access (i.e. access to limited locations / time periods of data with your own WS API free trial key)


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Simple Python webservice client
Simple Python webservice client

Testing Web services

Testing in web browser

Here is a simple guide how to test the service in browser online: Testing Web Services using browser

Security notes

SSL connection certificate