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Map of NWP forecast coverage (last update 1 Jan 4 Feb 2020):

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  • violet regions: high resolution, higher reliability forecast data is available in the violet regions marked on the map. Upon request, we can start this kind of forecasting service for any other area. Source: IFS model from ECMWF, UK. The frequency of the update is at UTC hours 00, 06, 12 and 18 (4 forecasts runs per day, every 6 hours). The forecast range is from DAY+0 up to DAY+3. Original temporal resolution for the first 48 hours is 1 hour,  hours 48-84 are received in 3 hourly original resolution, however, in the final response, this can be interpolated into higher resolution.
  • the rest of the map (in white color) is covered by lower resolution global forecasting data from the GFS model (NOAA, USA). The forecast range is from DAY+0 up to DAY+10. The frequency of the update is once in 6 hours.