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 Historical and Operational PV and Solar Radiation Data

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Locations within orange regions are capable to be automatically updated (typically daily) in case of FTP API. Periods when data is available for are depicted on the map image above. For the North, Central and for part of South America data is available as full-time series since 1999 (GOES-EAST satellite data, NOAA). For east China, for Korea, Japan and Australia there are full-time series since July 2007 (MTSAT satellite data, JMA) available. For south of Africa and Europe (MSG satellite data, EUMETSAT) available period starts on 2010. We gradually expands these zones. The same regions are available for WS API Time Series. For the gray regions on the map use climData online shop. Meteorological data from numerical weather model are available globally within its temporal range (for more information go here).