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Solargis historical, operational and nowcasting data is seamlessly integrated with forecasting data coming from post-processed Numerical Weather Prediction model outputs.

Schema below is valid for solar and PV data only. The schema shows how data sources are used in API response having 9 days of data (received at 12:00 noon of any day).

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Note: schema above is valid for location where real-time and nowcasting data is available.

Satellite based PV and solar data

Spatial coverage (valid for Oct 2016):

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We regularly update light orange regions on the map with operational and historical data. In the dark orange areas, real-time & nowcasting data is available. Main data parameters include GHI, DNI, DIF, GTI, PVOUT.


Map of NWP forecast coverage:

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  • yellow regions: GFS model from NOAA, USA is available globally with forecasting up to 7 days ahead (today + 7 days = 8 days in total). Frequency of the update is once in 12 hours.
  • violet regions: more advanced IFS model from ECMWF, UK. Frequency of the update is once in 12 hours, forecasting today + 3 days ahead (4 days in total). The rest of days (up to 7 days ahead) is covered by GFS model.