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Spatial coverage of data available through API (valid for Dec 2017). Click image to enlarge:

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Orange regions on the map are accessible via API and data is updated everyday (DAY-1 is available). In the subset of these regions, the real-time/nowcasting data is available (DAY+0). Main data parameters include GHI, DNI, DIF, GTI, PVOUT.

satellite regiondata sincelocal DAY-1 available at


original satellite scan frequency

GOES-E1999-01-0110:00 UTC (USA), 13:00 UTC (whole region)planned30 minutes
MFG/MSG PRIME2005-01-0103:45 UTCpart of Europe and Kenya15-min resolution, update frequency 30min, 0-5 hours ahead15 minutes
MTSAT/HIMAWARI2006-07-0122:40 UTC

10-min resolution, update frequency 30min, 0-5 hours ahead

30 min. (10 min. since Jan 2016 onwards)
MFG/MSG IODC1999-01-0122:40 UTC 15-min resolution, update frequency 30min, 0-5 hours ahead30 min. (15 min. since Feb 2017 onwards) 
GOES-W1999-01-0113:00 UTC (Hawaii)planned30 minutes