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WSDL location

Production environment:

DataDelivery dataDelivery

Web service access to DataDelivery "dataDelivery" functionality, available via POST method to:

XML Schemas

  • ws-data.xsd - deliverData web service request and response
  • common-types.xsd - generic common types, like percent, monthly values, etc.
  • common-geo.xsd - geographic common types, like location, terrain, horizon, etc.
  • common-pv.xsd - pv system common configuration, like geometry, mounting, losses, etc.
  • data-request.xsd - data request related definitions

Requext XML

<ws:dataDeliveryRequest dateFrom="2011-01-01" dateTo="2011-01-30"
	<site id="site1dummy" name="First site" lat="48.61259" lng="20.827079">
		<geo:terrain elevation="111" azimuth="112" tilt="11"/>
		<geo:horizon>0:5 7.5:3 15:7 22.5:0</geo:horizon>
		<pv:geometry xsi:type="pv:GeometryFixedOneAngle" azimuth="165" tilt="22"/>
		<pv:system installationType="FREE_STANDING" dateStartup="2011-06-01" availability="99">
			<pv:module type="ASI" count="10" nominalPower="560">
				<pv:powerTolerance low="10" high="90"/>
			<pv:inverter count="2" interconnection="PARALLEL">
				<pv:efficiency xsi:type="pv:EfficiencyConstant" percent="94"/>
				<pv:acLosses cables="1" transformer="2.1"/>
				<pv:dcLosses cables="1.2" mismatch="0.65" snowPollution="7" monthlySnowPollution="4 2 3 4 5 7 8 4 7 4 5 1"/>
			<pv:topology xsi:type="pv:TopologySimple" type="_1" relativeSpacing="1.5"/>
	<processing key="GHI DIF DNI PVOUT" summarization="HOURLY" terrainShading="true"/>

Response XML

Note that rows of response contain mixed date/time formats. This is just for demo purposes while in normal operation only single format will be used for all rows.
The used date/time format is determined by "summarization" specified in request, allowed values are MONTHLY, DAILY, HOURLY, MIN_15

<ns2:dataDeliveryResponse xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:ns4="">
    <ns2:site id="SITE_1" lat="48.0" lng="18.0">
Character encoding: utf-8
Issued: 2012-02-28 10:09
Site name: Viala, BG
Latitude: 42.841000
Longitude: 27.792500
Elevation: 72.0 m a.s.l.;loc=42.841000,27.792500&amp;z=14

Output from the climate database SolarGIS v1.8

Solar radiation
Description: data calculated from Meteosat MSG and MFG satellite data ((c) 2011 EUMETSAT) by SolarGIS method
Summarization type: monthly
Summarization period: 01/1994 - 01/2012
Spatial resolution: values represent an area of 250 m x 250 m

Meteorological parameters
Description: spatially disaggregated from CFSR and GFS ((c) 2011 NOAA) by SolarGIS method
Summarization type: monthly
Summarization period: 01/1994 - 01/2012
Spatial resolution: values represent an area of 1000 m x 1000 m

Service provider: GeoModel Solar s.r.o., M. Marecka 3, Bratislava, Slovakia
Company ID: 45 354 766, VAT Number: SK2022962766
Registration: Business register, District Court Bratislava I, Section Sro, File 62765/B,

Considering the nature of climate fluctuations, interannual and long-term changes, as well as the uncertainty of measurements and calculations, GeoModel Solar s.r.o. cannot take full guarantee of the accuracy of estimates. The maximum possible has been done for the assessment of climate conditions based on the best available data, software and knowledge. GeoModel Solar s.r.o. shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising or alleged to have arisen out of use of the provided report. This report is copyright to © 2010 GeoModel Solar s.r.o., all rights reserved. SolarGIS is a trade mark of GeoModel Solar s.r.o.

Copyright (c) 2011 GeoModel Solar s.r.o.

GHId - Average daily sum of global horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2]
GHIm - Monthly sum of global horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2]
DIFd - Average daily sum of diffuse horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2]
DIFm - Monthly sum of diffuse horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2]
TEMP - Average diurnal (24 hour) air temperature at 2 m [deg. C]</ns2:metadata>
      <ns2:columns>GHId GHIm DIFd DIFm TEMP</ns2:columns>
      <ns2:row date="1994-01-10+01:00" values="1.698 52.6 0.994 30.8 5.6"/>
      <ns2:row dateTime="1994-02-12T10:20:00+01:00" values="1.923 54.3 1.25 35.3 3.7"/>
      <ns2:row values="3.831 118.8 1.844 57.2 7.5" yearMonth="1994-03"/>
      <ns2:row month="4" values="4.227 126.8 2.444 73.3 11.7"/>
      <ns2:row dayOfYear="123" values="6.025 186.8 2.795 86.6 16.8"/>
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